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Satu lagi tentang Dark Alex …

Desember 18, 2009

Assalamualaikum wr wb ..

still @ lantai 2


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Tulisan di atas bukan tentang blog ku yah … tulisan ini aku copy paste dari halamanya

Okeh … ini berawal dari aku cari game2 baru untuk psp 2000 tapi kebetulan dapat link ini :

hm … biar gampang aku copy paste yach isi nya …

Dark-Alex is BACK !! Custom Firmware 6.00M33 will be launched soon

Posted on on Sunday, September 20 @ 21:14:56 PDT

Dark-Alex has decreed the launched of firmware 6.00m33 and Gen-B for the PSP. He also states to take extra care that many people are creating their own firmware. Note: Most of the firmware are fake or viruses that could damage the PSP.

In addition, he has decreed that it is working on a project on the PSP Go, which is coming out soon in few weeks. It might takes at least Minimum one year to achieve. Dark-Alex Webpage will be continue updating with new data and newfirmware soon.

Dark-Alex will help us to fight back against the Sony company, and give us many more contribution. It has been confirmed from Hecmex as a real fact, and also Alex-Dark site has changed the announced message to “The website will be available as soon as possible” in spanish.

What do you think this News? I couldn’t believe when I read this news. WOOOHA. Welcome BACK M33!

Okeh deh om DA – ditunggu lagi yah M33 nya …. beneran lho jangan cuman isu doank kan …